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I thought this was a fun project from Delhi Dance Academy.




At this point we are still in the process of translating the script. The film will be in Hindi, and my Hindi is not quite where it should be, so much translation to be done.

On Friday July 20 we will begin location scouting, and we’re on the lookout for actors.

I bumped into a guy at McDonald’s yesterday, and thought he could make a good Azzam (one of the three main characters), so I approached him, and he took it in stride
when I asked if he wanted to be in a movie. It turns out he’s done a little small time work in Mumbai, so you just never know I guess.

In order to make such chance meetings a bit less awkward, I’m printing up a round of these business cards to give to people I think might have a look for a certain role.

We’re still a ways out from a cast call, but I thought this would be a way to get the ball rolling in that direction.

The sketch there is by an artist by the name of Rohit Keluskar. Check out some more of his work at