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In an effort to work on my Hindi and catch up a bit on some classic masala cinema, I thought doing some impersonations might be fun.

Here was my first attempt: A one-liner from a superhero film name Shahenshah from the late 80s featuring Amitabh:


Twitter user @MyriadMuser liked my impersonation, but said it reminded him a bit of Bob Christo, the foreign villain in the following clip from the 1980 film Qurbani:


MyriadMuser said that though movies from that era could be cheesy, there was definitely a charm to them, and I couldn’t agree more.

I love the tongue-in-cheek way the inspector handles the scene, and Bob Christo is just too much fun with that scarf and brick-breaking bit.

Bollywood has a history of Westerners appearing in roles since the very beginning with the likes of Fearless Nadia, and while 3 videos is a lot to cram in one post, if you are curious to learn more about the Half Australian/Half Greek woman named Mary Evans who did her own stunts and took Bollywood by storm in the 30s and 40s with the guts to deliver her own feminist speech after vanquishing the bad guys after the climax of her biggest film, you should do yourself a favor and check out this phenomenal gem of a 3 minute documentary by Marc Fennell. This video must be syndicated or something, but either way it deserves way more views. Fantastic bit.



There are days-when I read the news (or look in the mirror after a bad day) and am reminded about how horrible we all can be-that I wish that the world would end, and then there are other days-when I discover the likes of Bob Christo and Fearless Nadia-that I think, “Why would I ever want it to?”


Although not dealing at all with the film, here’s my most recent video from my youtube channel in which you can see how my Hindi is progressing.

Still quite a ways to go!

This week I’ve been doing some re-writing, and feeling better about how some of the characters are shaping up.

At this point we are still in the process of translating the script. The film will be in Hindi, and my Hindi is not quite where it should be, so much translation to be done.

On Friday July 20 we will begin location scouting, and we’re on the lookout for actors.

I bumped into a guy at McDonald’s yesterday, and thought he could make a good Azzam (one of the three main characters), so I approached him, and he took it in stride
when I asked if he wanted to be in a movie. It turns out he’s done a little small time work in Mumbai, so you just never know I guess.

In order to make such chance meetings a bit less awkward, I’m printing up a round of these business cards to give to people I think might have a look for a certain role.

We’re still a ways out from a cast call, but I thought this would be a way to get the ball rolling in that direction.

The sketch there is by an artist by the name of Rohit Keluskar. Check out some more of his work at